For my solo records I have typically used one set-up.

A 1999 Gibson ES-335

A 1966 Blackface Fender twin reverb with relatively new celestion vintage 30 speakers run stereo with either a Walter woods head or a 1966 Blackface Fender showman through a Pacific 1x12 cabinet with an EV speaker. I use an Electro harmonix Deluxe memory man analog delay from which I run the wet signal to the Walter woods - or - showman and the dry signal to the Fender twin on which I use a little of the spring reverb in the amp.

I use different configurations of guitars and amps depending on the situation. These include various Fender, Gibson, Martin, Harmony, Humphrey, Pedro De Miguel and Silvertone Guitars as well as Fender, Gibson, Magnatone, Divided by 13 and Marshall amplifiers.


My effects set up is usually relatively simple. Here are a few of the things I use in addition to what I've already listed.


(As an addendum to this list I must add that most of the "distortion" tones I get are created by turning my amps loud enough to get the power tubes to naturally distort.)

late 1970's Ibanez tube screamer TS-808
early 1980's Ibanez tube screamer TS-9
Honda soundworks Fab tornado
Honda soundworks Fab cream
Fulltone Full drive
XOTIC BB preamp


THD 4 ohm Hot plate (attenuator)
Ibanez analog delay
Maxon analog delay
Fulltone supa-trem
Line 6 Delay modeler
Wells amp 8 ball
Boss digital delay
Z-VEX Clean boost
Vox wah
Dunlop Wah
Electro harmonix Holy grail reverb
1963 Fender spring reverb
Ernie ball volume pedals


I am endorsed by and use D'addario strings exclusively.

for my ES-335 (from the low E up)

(Round wound) 049 038 028 018 016 013

Most of my other guitars have this same configuration but I sometimes substitute an 012 on the high E a 014 for the B and a 052 for the low E

Acoustic steel string - Medium gauge sets (012) with a 013 on the high E

Acoustic nylon string - Pro arte / Extra hard tension


D'andrea pro plec 1.5 mm (extra heavy)

various other sizes and tolerances depending on the context.